Christina Aguilera Is Bringing Her “Xperience” To Vegas

Iconic pop star, Christina Aguilera, is joining the plethora of musicians currently flocking to Vegas.

Per Billboard:

to Billboard that she will debut The Xperience inside Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood May 31. The show is scheduled for 16 performances throughout 2019.

“This is the next chapter in something new, exciting, creative and epic for my fans,” says Aguilera, who recently returned to touring after more than a decade. Through her experiences onThe Liberation Tour, which wrapped in November, the seeds were planted that have now germinated into Christina Aguilera: The Xperience. 

“Liberation was such a success for me. The last time I had been on tour was when I was pregnant with my son [2007’s Back to Basics]. And being such a mama bear and wanting to take care of my kids and all of that first it was a long time coming. [I] want[ed] to get back to my fans and definitely [get] back to what my soul needed to do. To be on that stage has always been my first love since I was a tiny little girl,” Aguilera says. “The whole point of Liberation was getting back in touch with myself, finding that love, being in my artist body again, finding my true self and identity on stage again. It was just like coming home. And I want to take that to Las Vegas.”

Tickets go on sale Feb. 2.

Aguilera joins Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and many other musical acts who have taken up residences in Vegas recently. What do you think of Aguilera bringing her show to Vegas? Let us know in the comments.

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