Image’s Reborn Coming To Netflix? With Sandra Bullock Attached?!?

Netflix is about to get a whole lot of Millarworld!


Netflix acquired comic writer Mark Millar‘s company Millarworld in 2017, and today they announced what may be their highest-profile film adaptation yet. The streaming service will produce an original film version of Millar’s sci-fi fantasy comic Reborn, with Chris McKay (The LEGO Batman Movie) directing and Oscar winner Sandra Bullock producing. Bullock just made waves with Bird Box, her most recent Netflix collaboration, and a new report says she might star in Reborn in addition to producing. This is a huge Get not only for Millarworld but also Netflix.

Written by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted and Nemesis) and drawn by Greg Capullo (Batman), Reborn is a Science Fantasy comic series from Image Comics revolving around a simple question: where do we go when we die? Not Heaven or Hell, but somewhere else where the war between good and evil wages for all eternity – the souls of the innocents, the noble and the righteous end up in the realm of Adystria, while the evil, the wicked and the damned are sent to the the Dark Lands. Our main protagonist is Bonnie Black, an very old widow living in a retirement home that fears dying. She eventually passes away from a stroke and ends up in this afterlife world, much younger and dressed like a magical warrior. She reunites with her long dead father Tom, who is a mighty warrior and defender from Adystria that saves her the moment she lands in this dimension, in the middle of a battle against the Dark Landers. He reveals that she is The Chosen One that will save this world from Lord Golgotha, the Dark Lands ruler who aims to conquer Adystria to heel before him and also has more sinister plans whom needs to be stopped at any cost.

Deadline reports that Bullock will produce alongside Roy Lee and Miri Yoon of Vertigo Entertainment, the company that produced movies like It, The LEGO Movie, and The Departed. The site says Bullock could also star, though it’s still early in development and casting is still in flux. 

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