HipZOMJoint Comic Book News Round-Up 1/27/19

When I originally said this would be a every other week article I meant it apparently. Now I know a lot of comic book news has transpired since I last wrote, but you know, life and shit. So with that said lets jump into the news…

DC Comics layoffs a result of Justice League?

The Justice League has become the equivalent of a bad fart that lingers for everyone that was involved in the film. I still think it wasn’t that bad, but then again, my job and livelihood wasn’t dependent on it. A story was released this past week that 3% of DC’s workforce along with 10% of the staff at WB consumer products were laid off. Comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver has gone on record and said that the layoffs are a direct result of the Justice League film bombing. Check out a video former DC Comics artist, Ethan Van Sciver recently released detailing the big moves still going on at DC as a result of the Justice League film:

Ouch, this film destroyed many careers

Despite DC Films and Warner Bros rebounding with Aquaman, their current most successful film that has earned a billion dollars at the box office, its amazing to learn just how much damage one film did not just to DC but also Warner Bros.

Into each generation…

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is getting a 2019 makeover courtesy of BOOM Studios. The comic imprint isn’t just doing a continuation of the Buffy story but is instead doing a soft reboot with putting Buffy in modern day high school. She still answers to Giles, her snooty Watcher, and hangs with her scooby gang that consists of Xander and Willow. Despite not writing the new comic, creator Joss Whedon is a consultant. Jordie Bellaire is the writer of the new series. Bellaire explains now is the right time for a fresh take on Buffy. 2019 is a very different landscape from 1997. Social Media, LGBT Community, and diversity is more prevelant today than it ever was in the 90’s. One thing is for sure, no matter era it is, if there is vampires, Buffy will be there to stake them.


When you think X-Men, you think Cyclops. Sorry, Storm and Wolverine are cool, but Cyclops is heart and soul of that team. This character has been through the ringer. His parents were killed by aliens, he was thrown out a plane as a kid, he was given a team to lead in his awkward teen years, his girlfriend was killed after she nearly destroyed the universe, oh and he has survived years of horrible writing that has seen him go from badass leader, to cry baby, to terrorist, to being killed in the lamest way possible. Now, Scott Summers is back and hopefully with a writer that respects the character. This return is the result of a younger Cable forcing the time displaced young X-Men to go back to their timeline, the plot of the recent mini-series “Extermination.” It was revealed that the young Cable had been in cohoots with the elder Cyclops. Writer Matthew Rosenberg has revealed Cyclops will be leading an all-new X-team, one fans will be more familiar with. Cyclops will return to being the brilliant tachtician fans remember him being. The guy spent his teen years in a digital room of death called the Danger Room to learn how to fight villains like Juggernaut and Magneto. He has multiple strategies for defeating almost everybody in the MCU.

Year Five

“Star Trek: Year Five” is an all-new comic book series that will explore the hidden year of the original starship Enterprise and its crew led by Captain Kirk. The new series from IDW will tell the tale of the final year of the crew’s original mission. The story will go into whats going on in the heads of the crew as they come up on an uncertain future as they return to Earth. The series will be spear headed by a team of writers featuring Brandon Eaton, Jody Houser, Jim McCann. Artist Stephen Thompson will be handling the interiors. The new series launches in April.

That’s all the news I got for you today, but stay tuned for more comic book breaking news only on HipsterZOMBIEJoint.com!