DC Universe Streaming Service Could Be In Trouble

When the DC Universe streaming service debuted it was thought to be a game changer. A service completely devoted to DC Comics, it’s television, cartoons, movies, and new original content with access to dozens of comic books spanning decades.

So why is the service struggling to find subscribers? Well, the one original series show, Titans, is polarizing amongst the fans and on hiatus. The movies only offer the Tim Burton Batman films and the Christopher Reeves Superman Films. Their new animated films don’t arrive day and date like they said. And the content just isn’t there yet.

2019 will see a spike in the amount of their original content, which is very good. New shows such as Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing, and Stargirl will premiere in the new year. However missing on the television side of things are shows like Smallville and the current batch of CW DC shows. On the movies side of things, where are films like Watchmen, Christopher Nolan’s Batman, RED, V for Vendetta, Constantine, Swamp Thing, Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, The Losers, Superman Returns and oh yeah, the current batch of DC films?

I would personally love to see the service focus on documentaries focusing on various DC Comics storylines and the creative process that went into making them. Imagine interviews and insights from the creators themselves discussing storylines such as The Judas Contract, Crisis, or Kingdom Come. Or documentaries about the creation of the various DC movies throughout the years.

DC Universe could easily pick up more subscribers if they also allowed fans outside of the U.S. to be able to have access to the streaming service.

I wouldn’t count the DC Universe out just yet, but they do have a lot to learn if they want to compete long term.