HipZOMJoint New Music Friday Picks 1/25/19

We got some great new tunes hitting the music streaming services today!! All of these picks and more can now be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.

Teal Album – Weezer

Weezer covered “Africa” by Toto and now has the cover song bug! The 10 track album sees the band cover songs from TLC, ELO, a-ha, Michael Jackson, even Black Sabbath!

Moderation (single) Florence + The Machine

The band’s newest single blends Florence’s powerful vocals with a rumbling piano driven tune. Florence + The Machine collaborated on “Moderation” with producers James Ford and Matthew Daniel Siskin.

Netflix’s Polar Soundtrack

deadmau5 delivers a diverse and suspenseful score for the new Netflix action movie, “Polar.” deadmau5 revealed he had been waiting for the opportunity to score a film as unique as this and not just some random summer blockbuster.

amo – Bring Me The Horizon

This album extends far and beyond your traditional rock album. This time put, Bring Me The Horizon delves into new musical territories. They cover everything from bittersweet pop to experimental electronica. Stand out tracks include “MANTA,” “nihilist blues” and “why you gotta kick me when I’m down.”

Almost Free – FIDLAR

This west coast party band is back for their newest album, “Almost Free.” The band blends punk, hip-hop, and garage rock to give us an awesome rage first/ask questions later kind of sound. Stand out tracks include “Get off my rock,” “Flake,” and “Called You Twice.”

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