Get Ready To Kill Some Bugs! A Starship Troopers Series Is On The Way!!

Starship Troopers was one of the greatest under appreciated science-fiction movies from the 90s. Not only did it predict social media (would you like to know more?) but it also gave us one of the funniest and goriest sci-fi films ever made.

Now the franchise might have new life on the small screen. has the story:

Speaking with HN Entertainment, Ed Neumeier revealed that he was attempting to bring back the original cast for a television show.

In response to a question about whether or not it’s possible to do a sequel to a movie that’s nearly 30 years old, Neumeier mentioned that they’re working on something in the same vein. ”Well, I think they can,” Neumeier said. “I don’t want to jinx anything, but we are talking about trying to do a television show that is based on that idea.”

Neumeier then went on to reveal he had “mixed feelings” regarding Sony’s Starship Troopers relaunch, a movie that’s been in development since 2016.

”Well, I have mixed feelings about it [the reboot] because I think that what we did with the first Starship is almost not repeatable in a way…” the filmmaker said. “I based the structure of Starship Troopers when I was writing it, the structure of WWII propaganda films that the studios made between 1941 and 1944. We don’t really talk about those movies anymore, but that had a very particular structure and they were made during a conflict and they didn’t have an end-point as with Starship ends they’ll keep fighting.”

Since the Starship Troopers film, the franchise has been relegated to direct to video sequels and a short lived animated series.

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