Zombieland 2 Plot Details

Zombieland 2 is officially happening and we have some leaked plot details that give fans a little idea of what the sequel has in store.

The sequel finds veteran zombie fighters Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone) and younger sister Little Rock (Abagail Breslin), and Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) settled into post-apocalypse life and based out of the White House.

When the group splits after a strife between Columbus and Wichita, Little Rock takes off with newcomer Berkeley (Avan Jogia), prompting the trio to venture back out into the zombie-ridden world to reclaim their runaway friend. Along the way, Tallahassee encounters Nevada, a “female zombie-hunting badass” who acts as Tallahassee’s match.

Bill Murray, who played a bit role in the 2009 film, is reportedly set to return — this time with Ghostbusters co-star Dan Aykroyd in tow, both playing “fictional versions of themselves.”

Zombieland and Venom helmer Ruben Fleischer directs from a script penned by Dave Callaham (Godzilla, Wonder Woman 1984) and returning screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Deadpool, Deadpool 2). Fleischer’s involvement with Zombieland 2 is rumored to preclude him from directing the Venom sequel, which studio Sony Pictures has dated for October 2020.

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