New Mutants Delayed Again; Possibly Going To Hulu

Surprise, surprise The New Mutants has been delayed again.

The X-Men spin-off series sees a group of young Mutants in a institution where they are trying to come to terms with their new powers. However, the troubled film by director Josh Boone has seen massive reshoots and overhauls. It has now been tossed around that the film could go straight to Hulu. New Mutants was originally scheduled for release on April 13, 2018, but is then it was moved to August 2, 2019.

Dark Phoenix has also moved multiple times with the same reshoots issues. The only unaffected X-Men has been Deadpool which is the only successful film in the franchise at the moment.

Per Screen Rant:

The latest reports suggest that the project is still in trouble. Merc With A Podcast‘s Scott Bechtel has taken to Twitter to share “a whisper through the grapevine.” According to Bechtel, Fox and Boone are struggling to come to terms on a comprehensible finished product. He believes they’re currently planning to push the film back to November, and that Fox is actually considering a Hulu release for what’s otherwise viewed as a “dead on arrival film.” Sadly, Bechtel’s comments seem believable. Although the New Mutants reshoots were originally expected to begin in September 2018, they still haven’t kicked off. Addressing this, Bechtel explained that he believes the biggest problem has been getting the cast back together. Anya Taylor-Joy was apparently particularly frustrated at the amount of time she’d have to put into New Mutants again.

Ouch! Sounds like studio interference has doomed a promising film.