Legendary Comic Book Artist George Perez Is Retiring

George Perez is one of the pillars of the comic book industry. His artwork helped define characters such as the Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, and the Avengers. He drew epics such as Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Infinity Gauntlet. But sadly, time has caught up with the iconic artist and he is stepping away from the comic book industry.

Per SYFY Wire:

“In recent months, there has been a great deal of speculation as to the future of my career, my health, my ability to draw and my future convention appearances. As a result, I would like to clear up everything first hand so that, hopefully, any rumors, speculation, and misinformation can be laid to rest. With respect to future published work in comics and such … while I know it’s been no secret that I’ve been dealing with a myriad number of health issues (diabetes, heart ailments, vision issues, etc.), they have indeed have forced me to, for all intents and purposes, formally retire from the business of creating new comic stories.”

In the lengthy and detail-oriented expository post, Pérez mentions that 2019 will most likely be his final year of attending conventions and meeting fans around the country. Even so, he is only visiting a total of six cons this year and one makeup event in 2020. His full schedule for 2019 includes Chicago’s C2E2 and Atlanta’s Dragon Con.

While no one can order private commission pieces from him anymore, he promises to do “five con-style head sketches, per convention day that I am in attendance which will be done at home to be collected at the conventions.” These pieces will cost $100 a pop and must be picked up in person (“NO PROXIES”) by the orderer—all money made from these is to be donated to charity.

Check out some of Perez’s amazing art below:

Thank you George.