Star Trek 4 Gets Canceled

The writing has been on the wall but Paramount refuses to pull the trigger. After the less than stellar box office performance of Star Trek Beyond, the Trek film franchise fell into a black hole of development hell. Contract disputes between actor Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and the Studio halted production on the next sequel.

The next proposed sequel would have seen Captain Kirk (Pine) and the crew of the Enterprise going on a time traveling adventure where he would encounter his father (Hemsworth.)

The idea never seemed to gather much traction. Then the far fetched idea of director Quentin Tarantino taking over the franchise started being bounced around. But it was never clear if he wanted to keep the JJ Abrams cast or create something entirely new. Director SJ Clarkson was reportedly signed on to direct the now cancelled film. Clarkson will direct the pilot for HBO’s upcoming untitled Game of Thrones prequel show.

As for the future of Trek, it looks like it will shift its focus from the big screen to the small screen. Star Trek Discovery is currently going into its second season and rumors of another series is ongoing.

It’s a shame about the JJ Abrams Trek though. It was a great cast with amazing chemistry. Furthermore I’m in the camp that believes Beyond was actually really good. But that’s just how things go I guess.