Check Out This Amazing Fan Film Titled “Galactic Battles 2018”

Star Wars, Star Trek, HALO, Mass Effect, and more collide in this epic fan film.

This Fan Film combines the universes and characters of Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, and Halo in one epic battle. Don’t forget to watch till the VERY end!

The budget was around $2000 for costumes and crew catering, otherwise, this is a 100% passion project. We will release a behind the scenes/making of video soon!

Thanks to all who supported this. Starring the original voice of Commander Shepard, Mark Meer Original Music composed by Jose Pavli:

All characters, locations, and names are the property of their respective copyright holders. No profit was or will be made. This is a group open source fan project made for fun by VFX and film artists around the world.

Check more videos by the fan film’s creator, Calvin Romeyn, here.