Alternative Yule Logs For Your Christmas Viewing

Merry Christmas Eve, if you like you 5 plus hour yule logs to view while opening present on Christmas day as much as I do, I have the Christmas treat for you!

Now we all have seen the typical Yule Logs where Christmas music plays over the crackling video of a fireplace burning logs. Thats nice, very senitimental. But have you heard of the Darth Vader Yule Log? The Chucky Yule Log perhaps? Well, nows the time ol’ HipsterZOMBIEJoint to hit you up with some knowledge. These are my favorite alternate Yule Logs, Enjoy!

Cuddle up with your loved ones and bask in the warming glow of this five hour Darth Vader yule log. Perfect for holiday parties.

Horror fans, celebrate the holidays your own unique way with seven hours of the soothing sound of Chucky burning in the fireplace. Put it on while unwrapping gifts! Put it on instead of watching A Christmas Story four more times! Or put it on any time of the year for a peaceful night’s sleep set to the sound of a quietly crackling fire.

Ten Hour Version of Nick Offerman’s “Yule Log” Video

In the greatest bit of marketing for Marvel’s “Deadpool” yet, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) gives us the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. And by gift we mean a bag of burning feces on our doorstep as a Christmas Yule Log video.

Happy Holidays from Dorkly. Enjoy our pokemon themed yule log with a few familiar faces 😉

Tis’ the season to watch Rick & Morty watching Rick & Morty watching a Yule Log. Special surprises peppered throughout the video. Sorry it’s only 720p… I don’t understand why Roiland & Harmon didn’t think to release a R&M Yule Log at any point…..

Give your holiday season some cozy Doctor Who cheer with a crackling fire, some biscuits, and a few Thirteenth Doctor secrets! Can you spot all the hidden surprises?

Enjoy the most magical time of the year and set the scene with this cosy, Christmas yule log fireplace video, complete with crackling fire sounds!