SYFY Cancels Z Nation

The zombie series you either loved or hated, Z Nation, has been axed by SYFY.

Z Nation‘s fifth season finale will now serve as a series finale: Syfy has cancelled the long-running zombie drama. The news was first announced by producer David Michael Latt. Z Nations cancellation caps its run at 68 episodes.

Per TVLine:

“We wanted to tell you face to face… that we were not renewed for Season 6,” Latt said in a late-night Periscope video on Friday. “We’re stopping at Season 5. We’re very sad, but we’re also really grateful with the opportunities that we had on the show.

“This is not the end of anything,” he continued. “This is just the beginning of a lot of things,” including the Netflix prequel series Black Summer, which received an eight-episode order back in July. The series stars Hart of Dixiealumna Jaime King as a mother who, having been torn from her daughter, embarks upon a harrowing journey to find the girl. Alongside a group of American refugees, King’s protagonist “must brave a hostile new world and make brutal decisions” in the midst of a zombie apocalypse’s deadliest summer, according to the official logline.

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