Legendary Entertainment Acquires The Rights For “Toxic Avenger” Remake

Toxie might be on his way to a big budget remake courtesy of Legendary Entertainment.

Per Deadline:

A reboot of the iconic Troma horror franchise is reportedly in the works. Original directors Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz of Kaufman’s iconic b-movie studio Troma Entertainment will serve as producers on the new film.

The Toxic Avenger centers on Toxie, born when the mild-mannered Melvin from Tromaville, NJ, falls into a vat of toxic waste. He’s transformed into a repulsive-yet-lovable mutant hero who stands up to bullies and corruption with irreverent zeal. The original film premiered in 1984 starring Mitch Cohen as Toxie. It spawned three sequel films, a stage musical, a children’s cartoon TV series and a Marvel comic.

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