Emma Stone To Star In A Cruella De Vil Prequel

Actress Emma Stone is teaming up with I,Tonya director Craig Gillespie to create a 101 Dalmatians prequel based on the villain Cruella De Vil.

The studio has a script by Jez Butterworth, and Marc Platt, Andrew Gunn and Kristin Burr are the producers.

We know little else about the project, except this, per THR: “Stone will play infamous villain a young Cruella De Vil set in the 1980s with a punk vibe. Cruella is the wealthy beneficiary of a fur fortune, and the figure of the heiress who lays claim to a punk phase is disappointingly familiar. It’s a good fit for Stone though, and I’m all for telling fuller stories about dramatic women who wear fur.

Check out this amazing fan art from artist BossLogic with his depiction of Stone as Cruella: