The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Dev Diary #1 – Designing the Ghost Ship Part 1

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Developer Diary #1

Take a peek inside the Ghost Ship in Part 1 of the Man of Medan Dev Diary, where the Supermassive Games team dives into the details of how they created a terrifying ghost ship.

Man of Medan, like all the games in the Dark Pictures Anthology, is hugely replayable. In fact, there is more branching in Man of Medan than any of our previous games. There are multiple endings and multiple scenarios based on the decisions you make in the game. Be careful though as all the playable characters can live, and any and all of them can die, depending on the choices you make.

Through the protaganists eyes you will uncover the secrets of the mystery surrounding the ill-fated boat. Figuring this out can save their lives – but whether or not they all escape is up to you.