HipZOMJoint Top 8 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

If you are like me you have a long commute to work, if you don’t then you have to deal with bumper to bumper traffic. Listening to music is one way to pass the time but another way is to put on a podcast and educate yourself. These are HipsterZOMBIEJoint’s Top 8 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To:

And That’s Why We Drink

Two Cali girls talk about the macabre over cheap wine and milkshakes. One talks about supernatural hauntings and the other talks about true crime stories.

The Boo Crew

A fairly new podcast that is already making its mark in horror community. Their guests are not only icons from your favorite horror and genre films from in front of and behind the lens, but also artists, actors, musicians, authors and personalities inspired by horror and dark entertainment.

The Secret Life of Bloggers

Get inspired to make your own blog or podcast when fashionista, Style With Nihan, interviews bloggers from all walks of life. See what makes these young bloggers live so rich and interesting.

Fatman Beyond

Journey through the geek spectrum with director Kevin Smith & writer Marc Bernardin. The two podcast live from Los Angeles’ Scum and Villainy Cantina before a live audience weekly. Mostly.

My Favorite Murder

A true crime/comedy podcast that has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone Magazine, and has been a top 10 regular on iTunes. Both podcasters are hilarious women who write for television.


Ever wonder what certain music festivals are like but never had a way to get to them? Host Steven Rhys takes you to music festivals KAABOO, Lost Lake Music Festival, Electric Festival, and Coachella.


This podcast delves deep into the mystery surrounding Bigfoot. Part of this is tongue-in-cheek—Bigfoot as hipster accessory. But many people take Sasquatch seriously. Very seriously. Primatologists, naturalists, academics—perfectly rational and evidence-driven people who swear to his existence and know he (she? it?) is real. Veteran public radio producer Laura Krantz has met them. Wild Thing is Laura’s journey into the world of Bigfoot, introducing us to the true believers and the I-want-to-believers, while seeking to explore why this creature ignites our imaginations, where that fascination comes from, and why it persists.


Some terrorists use weapons. Some use information. The scariest use hostages. Every Thursday, Hostage tells electrifying crime stories culminating in intense, life-or-death negotiations. Within the stories, we examine tactics used by the FBI’s crisis negotiation unit, world governments, and even hostage’s parents, highlighting the techniques that saved lives, and the moments where everything went tragically wrong.

Other Podcasts You Should Check Out (and have been mentioned before on HipsterZOMBIEJoint):

The Nardcast, How Did This Get Made, Horror News Radio, Kaijucast, Collider, Comic Geek Speak, LORE, Now Playing Podcast, The WWE Podcast, Hollywood Babble-On.