Actor Armie Hammer Draws The Ire Of Fans Mourning The Death Of Stan Lee With Tweet

Can we all agree Twitter isn’t evil, but the people who misuse it are? The world is still coming to terms with the passing of comic book icon, Stan Lee. Fans have posted pictures of themselves with Lee in honor of his memory. Whether they did so to say hey look at me or because they really are saddened by the loss of Lee is unbeknownst to you, me, or anyone else.

That is unless you are actor Armie Hammer. He in one day has made people forget about posting negative President Trump tweets and instead focus their rage on him for his very controversial tweet regarding Lee’s passing. Check it out below:

A truly shocking and disgusting notion to assume that EVERYONE would make the passing of a great man about themselves. Especially since isn’t he making this tragic loss about HIMSELF by even posting this kind of a tweet. Needless to say, the internet reacted to his comment:

So the lesson behind this is one: don’t be an asshole. And two: don’t assume you know how everyone grieves. We all deal with loss in different ways. To belittle it or assume it’s being done to glorify oneself is ignorant and absurd.

Just be nice, people.