Muse Has Release A Series Of New Music Videos On The Release Day Of Their New Album “Simulation Theory”

Muse has released their eighth studio album, Simulation Theory. Accompanying the release of the album is a series of music videos. A few released leading up to the album and then a slew of new music videos that were all released today. Muse plans to produce music videos for all eleven tracks on Simulation Theory, forming a narrative focused on “digital containment and escape”. Like the album, the videos are science fiction-themed, with 1980s-inspired aesthetics and effects. Each videos was directed by American filmmaker Lance Drake, noted for his work with Miike Snow and Twin Shadow. The first music videos released for the album were Dig Down, Dark Side, and Pressure. Check out the new music videos below for the other tracks from the album:

Muses Simulation Theory is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.