Vertigo’s “Survivor’s Club” Is Headed To The CW

With iZOMBIE going into its final season, it leaves a vacancy in the horror department of the live-action comic book adaptations on the CW. But fear not! Vertigo is bringing “Survivor’s Club” to the CW!

Survivors’ Club is a whirlwind mash-up of thrilling characters and tons of promising narrative potential. The plot goes as follows: back in 1987, a slew of horrors — iconic imagery with origins in popular scary stories — affected six locales around the world. The monster, the haunted house, the vengeful spirit, the murderous doll, the cursed object, and the evil imaginary friend wreaked havoc on scared children, their families, and their communities, leaving scars both physical and psychological. Now, 30 years later, a mysterious email suddenly connects six survivors of these incidences. Teo, Simon, Kiri, Alice, Chenzira, and Harvey link up in Los Angeles to confront the fears that have persistently followed them from childhood.

The series brings together a diverse cast of characters from all around the world. People who have survived various hauntings and encounters in numerous shapes and forms.

Deadline reports the show will be will be written by Jared Frieder (Sweet/ViciousChasing Life). Frieder will also produce alongside Len Goldstein (PowerlessHart of Dixie).

Additionally, Survivors’ Club will join the plethora of other DC television series currently airing on The CW, such as ArrowThe FlashSupergirlDC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning.