Watch The Supernatural Sci-Fi Trailer For “The Return”

Upcoming horror/sci-fi hybrid The Return promises classic creepiness and space-time spooks in a teaser trailer premiere. The film stars Richard Harmon (“The 100”, “I Still See You”, “Bates Motel”, “The Killing”, and “Continuum”) as Rodger Emmerlich, a gifted college student who comes home to find that time doesn’t heal all wounds. Forgotten childhood horrors rear their ugly heads as he and girlfriend Beth (Sara Thompson) deal with the fallout. “The Return starts as classic haunted house film, and as it progresses, the science fiction edge starts to bleed through. We wanted to take the haunting sub-genre, and turn it on its ear,” says director BJ Verot.  The movie, Verot’s feature directorial debut through the Telefilm: Talent to Watch Program, also stars Echo Porisky (Channel Zero, Cheerleader Death Squad) and Marina Stephenson Kerr (Channel Zero, Cult of Chucky).