Let’s Talk About That Rick Grimes Final Episode Of The Walking Dead (SPOILERS)

So AMC aired the much publicized and highly anticipated Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) final episode of The Walking Dead. He went out with a bang. Literally.

Now I know I should have prefaced this by saying “Spoilers” but is it really a spoiler after what they pulled? More on that in a minute.

The episode began with Rick laid out with rebar penetrating through him and the series most devious villain, that damn horse, prancing around as if he was taunting Rick. I mean seriously, Rick has fought Negan, The Governor, and lots of zombies, but the one who finally stuck it to him was a white horse with serious panic issues. So Rick gets free and hops up on the horse who then proceeds to make the slowest getaway since the Resistance from The Last Jedi.

We then get a walk through memory lane with Rick being visited by ghosts of the past. First up, Shane. A welcome return for Jon Bernthal. You forget about the comradery these two characters shared before Shane knocked up Rick’s wife and tried to kill him. Then we see Hershal, which is bittersweet both on the show and real life since the actor Scott Wilson just recently passed away. Finally, Rick comes upon a sea of dead bodies, friends old and new dead. An iconic recreation of issue 100 from the comic book series.


For whatever reason, the last ghost Rick encounters isn’t someone important like say, Glenn, Lori, or even Carl. Its….Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green)? I don’t remember her and Rick having any real moments together to justify this reunion other than Green is a big get now that she’s on CBS ALL ACCESS’ Star Trek Discovery. That and maybe Rick isn’t the only Grimes to have burnt a bridge with the series, we’re looking at you Carl!


So then came the moment. The epic final curtain call for Rick Grimes and it was glorious. I stopped reading the book around this time, so seeing a definitive ending to Rick Grimes story didn’t bother me. but then the show pulled a switch-a-roo and low and behold….Rick Grimes isn’t dead?

Jadis (the trash lady) meets with her mysterious helicopter friends and they lift a washed up on the shore Rick Grimes away on the chopper “MASH” style as Wang Chung’s Space Junk plays (the same song that played at the end of episode one of the series when Glenn spoke to Rick over the walkie-talkie). The show then takes another time jump (this time around four to five years) and a new band of survivors is introduced who are promptly saved by an older more badass Judith Grimes.


But don’t think we have seen the last of Rick Grimes! Former showrunner Scott Gimple, now creative director, announced that Andrew Lincoln will be reprising the role of Rick Grimes in not one, not two, but three AMC produced films. It is not confirmed when or where these films will take place but it will continue the story of Rick Grimes who apparently doesn’t ever need to see his family again despite always looking for them. But hey three movies for Rick! Andrew Lincoln must be happy.

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