Details Surface About Disneyland’s “Marvel Land”

It was bittersweet for longtime Disneyland attendees to say goodbye to some of their favorite aspects about California Adventure, an additional part of the Disneyland Experience. But they have been working on some truly Marvelous (pun fully intended.)


Currently cornered off with walls bearing the “Stark Industries” Logo, Marvel land is set to launch in 2020, and the first details regarding what the new park extension will actually contain have finally surfaced online.

Per Comic Book News:

Disney-goers already spotted the construction sites for the park, which are blocked off by walls labeled with the Stark Industries logo. What used to be the “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” theater is being transformed into a different sort of bug attraction. This will become an interactive Spider-Man attraction that gives guests their own web-shooters. It’s apparently screen-based, and probably 3-D, so its expected to feel a lot like a Marvel version of Toy Story Mania.

The Spider-Man ride will lead into the entire Avengers section of the park, which will stretch back towards Disney’s current Marvel-themed attraction, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. Throughout the area, there will be several different rides, restaurants, shops, and attraction based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of which will likely be a Doctor Strange show experience and, judging by the poster, there may even be some version of the Sanctum Santorum.

The restaurants in the area will include a counter service dining option, as well as an Ant-Man themed microbrewery. If you look closely at the poster, you can see the giant beverage can which represents this new restaurant.

All of these things are included in the first phase of the Marvel land, but there are plans for an entire second phase as well. This will begin with some sort of design featuring the Quinjet, and a “massive” Avengers E-Ticket attraction, which is expected to be a roller coaster. Unfortunately, details regarding the specifics of the ride have yet to be revealed.  Check out the poster for Marvel Land below:


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