Watch The Short-Film Based On The Comic Book Series “Dead@17”

She thought she’d NEVER see her best friend ALIVE again…

Director Jack Heller has created a fantastic short film based on comic book writer/artist Josh Howard‘s Dead@17. The short stars CC Weske and Lucy Freyer as the main protagonists Nara Kilday and Hazy Foss.

Nara Kilday is killed and finds herself mysteriously revived. She discovers she has to prevent the coming of Bolabogg, a demonic lord. This series also introduces Hazy Foss, her best friend, and Elijah, a friend of the two girls who Nara has a crush on. The mysterious Noel appears, who helps the three fight hordes of undead and other monstrosities. Nara banishes Bolabogg back to his realm.


This is a series begging to be adapted on Netflix as a series ASAP! Check out the Dead@17 series on the Comixology app now!