Check Out The New Smashing Pumpkins Music Video For “Silvery Sometimes (Ghost)”

Alternative Rocker Billy Corgan and Company are back with some fresh new Smashing Pumpkins music! Check their newest music video above for their latest single “Silvery Sometimes (Ghost).”

Per Spin:

Smashing Pumpkins have released an appropriately Halloween-themed video for their second post-reunion single “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)”, which is slated to be included on their upcoming Rick-Rubin-produced album Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1. The video is written and directed by Billy Corgan, and opens with a two-plus-minute skit featuring iconic Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath as a radio DJ hosted a contest where the Pumpkins have to survive a night in a haunted house. Corgan, Jimmy Iha, Jeff Schroeder, and Jimmy Chamberlain are confronted by campy ghosts and monsters in the night, ushered in by thunderbolts.