1966 Batmobile Spotted On The Joker Set

Holy Spoiler Alert!

The classic 1966 Batmobile was spotted on the set of Todd Phillips upcoming Joker film. The film currently being shot in Newark, New Jersey is headlined by actor Joaquin Phoenix as the clown prince of crime.

A video posted by YouTube user THEMAJESTIRIUM1 shows the Batmobile on a truck, being driven to a Newark, New Jersey location for Joker filming. Longtime Batman fans will recognize the design as being identical (or at the very least, extremely similar) to the classic Adam West version from the 1960s.

This revelation is quite surprising. Based on set photos, Joker is set during a time when Brett Cullen’s Thomas Wayne is running for Gotham mayor, insinuating Bruce Wayne’s parents are alive and well. Of course, Bruce doesn’t become Batman until after witnessing his parents’ murders, so it would be understandable if there was some confusion over this. It’s possible Joker is taking inspiration from Flashpoint – where Thomas is Batman following Bruce’s death – but that’s merely speculation at this point. Another circumstance worth keeping in mind is the Batmobile being driven to a car show and is coincidentally going through the area where Joker is being filmed. Time will tell, but it’s best not to jump to any conclusions right now.

The upcoming film is apart of an adjacent DC line of films launching as a new line reportedly called DC Dark or DC Black, which will specialize in standalone titles that are completely disconnected from the Justice League shared universe. Elseworld stories if you would.