Run The Jewels – Let’s Go (The Royal We) | From Marvel’s Venom

Official audio for “Let’s Go (The Royal We)”, the new track by Run The Jewels, from Marvel’s Venom.

The track is from the Venom soundtrack that also features Eminem‘s track “Venom.”

The track is featured early on in the film when Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is riding his bike through the streets of San Francisco.

Per Rolling Stone:

The beat is the star here — the instrumental is nasty, patient and buzzing. Run the Jewels’ El-P and Killer Mike take turns rapping tightly wound verses that skim over the top of the droning bass line. Their lines are as ominous as the beat: “Death in the air, we relish the smell,” Killer Mike raps. “We are the hand of the lord/ We are the hand with the sword… we are the sealers of fate/ We are the fangs of the snake.”

Venom, which debuted in theaters last weekend, has been a smash hit for Sony. Despite the poor critical response, the fans have been very outspoken about their love for the film.

Venom is now playing at a theater near you.