Damon Wayans Quits Lethal Weapon

What is happening with the Lethal Weapon television series?

Actor Damon Wayans has announced he is leaving the show this December. Wayans divulged after his 13 episode commitment he would be leaving due to the 16-hour work days. Wayans revealed he’s a 58 year old diabetic who can no longer deal with the strain of working on a series as demanding as Lethal Weapon.

This comes on the heels of ex co-star Clayne Crawford, who was fired from the series this past year went on a two-hour Drinkin Bros podcast rant about his firing from the series.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

In the expletive-riddled conversation, the actor starts by admitting that he believed the initial story about his bad behavior on set — which was published the day he started directing his first episode — would eventually blow over. Crawford explains — multiple times — that he and co-star Damon Wayans never wanted to do Lethal Weapon and that both had issues with one another. Crawford also notes that he felt the studio set him up to fail by allowing him to direct an episode in season two after he threatened to quit the drama after its freshman run.