Cinemax Cancels Outcast

Well not every Robert Kirkman created book can be an instant crossover success.

The supernatural, demon possession series Outcast, based off of Kirkman’s comic book series is officially dead at Cinemax.

Per Deadline:

Outcast had been on the back burner at Cinemax, with its second season finally airing this summer, two and a half years after it was ordered and about two years after it was produced. The options on the cast have long lapsed, and everyone had moved on.

A few months after Cinemax renewed Outcast for Season 2 in March 2016 ahead of its series premiere, the network overhauled its programming strategy, pulling away from expensive, dark hometown series like Outcast in favor of fun, high-octane, action, pulpy dramas done in a cost-effective way primarily as international co-productions.

The series was never a rating juggernaut like Kirkman’s other horror-centric series, The Walking Dead. Season 2’s rating was also down from its first season. This ultimately was the downfall for Outcast.