Matt Bomer Cast As Negative Man In Doom Patrol

White Collar and American Horror alum Matt Bomer has joined the cast of Doom Patrol. Bomer will play the role of Negative Man on the upcoming DC Universe series. Doom Patrol will spin out of the upcoming Titans series premiering October 12th on the streaming service.

Per Deadline:

Bomer will provide the voiceover performance for the character of Negative Man and will appear as Larry Trainor in flashback scenes. Matthew Zuk has also been cast in the role of Negative Man, and he will provide the physical performance of the character on set in full body costume.

Bomer made an appearance at NYCC via a video greeting from the Atlanta-based set of Doom Patrol.

The Doom Patrol, a team of misfit superheroes, has a long publishing heritage — this year marks the 55th anniversary of the team’s first appearance in the pages of DC Comics — but the group has rarely been a spotlighted brand within the DC Universe that is defined by classically heroic characters like Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. The Doom Patrol’s idiosyncratic adventures, bizarre enemies and outsider ethos makes the team the most “Marvel-like” of DC’s long-time properties and comparisons have been frequently drawn between Doom Patrol and Marvel’s X-Men, the mutant team that debuted in September 1963, a mere three months after the DC squad’s summer debut that year.

Doom Patrol is expected to debut on DC Universe in 2019.