First Look At Sylvester Stallone In Rambo 5

No that isn’t the Marlboro Man, that Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo. Stallone is returning for another go around in Rambo 5.

Sly had said in 2016 that that he was retiring the character, who first appeared in “First Blood” (1982), then “Rambo: First Blood Part II” (1985), “Rambo III” (1988), and “Rambo” (2008). Later on, Stallone said he would return for a fifth “Rambo,” and he was even planning to direct at one point. Instead, Adrian Grunbergis said to be directing, with filming just getting started today.

Is this a Western? The final scene of the fourth film showed Rambo back in the U.S., walking on a rural highway past a horse farm and a mailbox with “R. Rambo” on it. According to a Screen Daily report from back in May, the fifth film finds our Rambo…

“living in a ranch in Arizona, deeply troubled and wrestling with PTSD as he picks up casual work wherever he can. When long-time family friend and estate manager Maria informs Rambo that her grand-daughter has gone missing after crossing into Mexico for a party, he sets off with her to find the youngster. What ensues is a violent descent into hell as Rambo uncovers a sex-trafficking ring. He teams up with a journalist whose half-sister has also been kidnapped and must deploy all his skills to save the girls and bring down a vicious crime lord.”

Despite being 72 years old, Sly still looks like he can rip your throat out with his bare hands if he wanted to. No release date has been revealed at this time.