Deadpool 2’s PG-13 Version Borrows from the Princess Bride

The most meta mercenary in cinema is going full storytime for PG-13 remake. Don’t call it a sellout. This is Deadpool preparing to go all Disney. The Merc with a Mouth will be returning to cinemas this Christmas with a kid-friendly edited version of Deadpool 2.


In The Princess Bride, the movie was a bedtime story being told to a young Fred Savage by his grandfather, played by Peter Falk. With this photo Ryan Reynolds has revealed, it would seem that Deadpool will be telling Fred Savage the story of Deadpool 2 (or maybe even both Deadpool movies combined). And much like the grandfather cut out some of the scarier bits of the story, maybe Deadpool will skip over the more violent and R-rated pieces of the movie. That’s a pretty amusing and clever way to sell a PG-13 cut of the movie that fans otherwise might not be interested in seeing.

The question is whether the PG-13 cut of the movie will really lean into the toning down of the original R-rating. Then again, maybe this move is really a Disney-guided decision (since they’re taking over 20th Century Fox) that will test the waters to see how much box office action they get out of a PG-13 cut of the movie, especially when it comes to families who otherwise wouldn’t have gone to see an R-rated Deadpool movie in theaters.

The Deadpool 2 PG-13 cut hits theaters on December 21, 2018. The same day as another comic book company’s character makes his splash on the big screen.

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It’s been revealed the Deadpool 2 PG-13 edit coming to theaters this December will be titled The Deadpool Before Christmas.