Deadpool 2 Is Getting A PG-13 Re-Release In December?

Oh Marvel, always finding ways to stick it to Warner Bros and DC Films. Fox will be releasing a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 this December. So now little Timmy and Grandma can see it too!

This comes as the studio has done some major shifting with their release calendar. Alita: Battle Angel had previously been set for release on December 21, but that’s been shifted to February 14, 2019, which was when Dark Phoenix was supposed to arrive. But that next X-Men adventure has now been bumped once more to June 7, 2019, the date previously held for the long-gestating Gambit, which will now (hopefully) arrive on March 13, 2020. Don’t hold your breath on that one though. The still Channing Tatum attached film is said to be a sex comedy now…because thats what everyone wants out of a Gambit film right?

Ironically, the fear when the first Deadpool was first announced was that the studio would chicken out and go for a PG-13 rating, similar to what Sony has done with Venom. Unfortunately, at the present time, details regarding the release are scarce. But expect Fox to make an official announcement soon. If we’re lucky, Ryan Reynolds will be back at with some very clever and entertaining marketing. Morbid curiosity may be enough to get certain fans to show up just to see what a (relatively) clean Deadpool movie looks like. And that is probably exactly what Fox is thinking right now. This news was first reported by Deadline.

No word how the studio will edit around the violence and f-bombs and of course the crude humor of Deadpool 2. Maybe fart jokes? Lots of fart jokes?