HipZOMJoint Movie Pick Of The Week 9/28/18: Hellfest

Hell Fest is a slasher film throwback to the 80s directed by Gregory Plotkin and written by Seth M. Sherwood, Blair Butler, and Akela Cooper, from a story by William Penick, Christopher Sey, and Stephen Susco. The film stars Amy Forsyth, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Reign Edwards and Tony Todd, and follows a group of teens who are stalked by a serial killer while visiting a traveling Halloween carnival.

Hell Fest is introduced as a horror theme park which travels across the country during the Halloween season. A young woman from Orange County is shown to be separated from her group during one of the mazes. There she is confronted by a masked figure known as “The Other”. She recognizes the Other as a man who had been following her and her group of friends the entire night. The Other attacks the girl, stabbing her in the gut before hanging her. The young woman’s corpse appears to blend in with the other prop bodies as the Other leaves the scene.

The film has garnered a lot of praise amongst the horror community and looks like a lot of fun if your idea of fun includes scares, blood, and gore.

Check out this behind the scenes footage from the film below:

Hellfest is now playing at a theater near you, a perfect way to get a jump on the Halloween season!

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