Fans Losing Their Minds Over Dark Phoenix Trailer For The Wrong Reason…

The X-Men film series seems to have been on a downward spiral since X-Men Apocalypse. Dark Phoenix has been back as much as the other defunct X-film, The New Mutants. Gambit has been in on again off again production so much that the actor attached, Channing Tatum might be aged out of the role by the time cameras start rolling.

Yes the only bright spot in the franchise has been this guy…

So when the much delayed first trailer for Dark Phoenix finally dropped, it gave fans momentary hope. Then the trailer dropped with a thud. The underwhelming trailer was devoid of any true money shots and featured the X-Men in bargain basement costumes. (Look I know they are comic book accurate but they look horrible. Where’s the cooler costumes from the end of X-Men Apocalypse)

But the thing that has fans talking is this scene:

Yes that’s Storm…holding an umbrella. The mutant who can control weather…using an umbrella.

The internet saw this absurdity and responded accordingly.

Marvel Studios, we will be patiently awaiting your reboot of the X-Men franchise.