Dark Phoenix Gets Pushed Back…AGAIN! SUMMER 2019?!?

Remember when the X-Men was the only Avengers-esque superhero film in town? Now they have almost become the red-headed stepchildren of Marvel. As Fox slowly begins to fade away, so are their films from their previously announced schedules.

Fox has pushed Dark Phoenix back from its February 2019 release date. Now it will open on June 7. Which is a huge jump and will put it up against some very stiff competition this summer blockbuster season. This is the second big delay in what could wind up being the final X-Men film from the 20th Century Fox studio. (A lot depends on what happens during the Fox/Disney merger.) Dark Phoenix, which is directed by Simon Kinberg, was originally supposed to open in theaters this November. Back in March, Fox bumped the film from November to February, amidst rumors of extensive reshoots on the movie.

Dark Phoenix isn’t the only major Fox movie creeping backward on the release calendar, either. The studio also delayed the release of Alita: Battle Angel, which was to be one of their big Christmas releases for 2018. Now, instead of December 21, the film — a live-action adaptation of a manga and anime series from Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron — will open in theaters on Dark Phoenix’s original (or second, technically) release date, February 14. (A PG-13-rated cut of Deadpool 2 will open on December 14 instead.)

At the moment, Fox’s other X-Men movie, The New Mutants, is still on track to open on August 2. Does that get bumped back next?

My take, both of these films will not be on the big screen. Both will be sent to the Disney Play streaming service as a nice “sweep under the carpet.” Marvel Studios bigwig, Kevin Feige has said he has plans for the X-Men and I highly doubt Bryan Singer’s X-Men holdovers will be apart of them.