DC Comics Just Killed Off A Shocking Amount Of Fan Favorites In “Heroes In Crisis”

If you bought DC Comics new series, Heroes In Crisis, by writer Tom King, you might have been shocked to see the number of fan favorite superheroes that have been murdered in the first issue.

Spoilers Below!

In the story, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman creates a place they called “Sanctuary” for heroes to come find solace in dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Puddlers would help the heroes cope. Wonder Woman explains a Puddler was a term for people who work in iron. Crafting swords and weapons. Puddlers skim the molten metal. Remove the impurities so the iron can be strong.

When the three heroes arrive at Sanctuary they see a massacre has happened.

Per ComicBook.com:

Superman uses his telescopic vision to look down and sees Hot Spot, Blue Jay, Lagoon Boy, and Citizen Steel. We assume the bloody wings in the corner of the shot are Blue Jay’s, but they also kind of look like Dove’s cape. There’s also a Green Lantern by Superman, but only the symbol is shown, so we aren’t sure who it is just yet.

It should be noted that there are only a few heroes shown and more bodies are seen from above as Superman flies over, so this is probably not the final death toll outside. Once Superman moves inside the building though there are two more deaths to account for, and these are the big ones.

Superman finds a dead and bloody Arsenal (Roy Harper) and Flash (Wally West), a death that he has a hard time even saying out loud to Batman and Wonder Woman. Arsenal had been teased in recent comics, but no one really expected Wally West to be among the dead.

The biggest shocker has to be the death of Wally West who DC Comics had recently made a very big deal about with his return. Which was the most shocking death to you? Who do you think did it? Let us know in the comments.