HipZOMJoint Favorite Comic Titles For National Comic Book Day

Since it’s #NationalComicBookDay I thought I’d share my fav comics. This isn’t a best of list or what you should be reading, just my personal favs!

Check out my picks below:

Aliens Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a 10-issue limited comic book series that was first published by Dark Horse Comics irregularly from January 1993-July 1994.

The story takes place after the destruction of Charon Base. It focuses on a rag-tag unit of Colonial Marines investigating Xenomorph-related activities in a backwater sector of space and waging war against a mysterious terrorist cult organization of Human-Alien hybrids loosely referred to as the “Bug-Men.” The series also featured the appearance of the first relative of a character from the Alien film series in the form of Carmen Vasquez, younger sister of the eminently popular Private Jenette Vasquez from the film Aliens.

Batman: Red Rain Trilogy

The Batman & Dracula trilogy is a group of three American graphic novels written by Doug Moench and penciled by Kelley Jones. The stories—Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991), Bloodstorm (1994), and Crimson Mist (1998)—were published by DC Comics as a part of the Elseworlds line of comics. Moench created the concept for the first installment and convinced Jones, of whom he was a fan, to join the project. Red Rain‘s eventual popularity resulted in DC commissioning sequels.

Swamp Thing: Raise Them Bones

In the 40-years since its debut, Swamp Thing has been graced with some of the best writers in comics from Len Wein to Alan Moore and now, as part of the DC Comics-The New 52, ‘American Vampire’ scribe Scott Snyder brings his talents to an all new Swamp Thing series set in the DC Universe. Following the events of ‘Brightest Day,’ Alec Holland has his life back…but the “Green” has plans for it. A monstrous evil is rising in the desert, and it’ll take a monster of another kind to defend life as we know it! This hardcover collection includes issues 1-7 of the monthly series. Snyder brings a blind of horror and science to Swamp Thing while artist Yanick Paquette’s art is a very detailed work of beauty.

X-Force New Beginnings

After coming under new ownership and suffering from the attentions of a marketing blitz, the members of X-Force try to rescue a young mutant from his government, all the while unaware of the real threat against them. Between Mike Allred’s pop art and Peter Milligan’s smart writing, X-Force was truly one of the uncanny x-titles ever.

The Boys: The Name of The Game

The Boys is an American comic book series, written by Garth Ennis and co-created, designed and illustrated by Darick Robertson.

Alan Moore might have psychologically deconstructed the superhero genre but Ennis puts a TMZ-like spotlight on the genre.

Thor: Vikings

Thor: Vikings is a 5-issue comic book limited series published by MAX Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics for adult audiences, in July – November 2003. Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Glenn Fabry, the series follows Thor‘s adventures against a group of thousand-year-old zombie Vikings who attack New York City. The action is intense and the gore is very vicious!

Happy National Comic Book Day!