James Wan On Board To Produce Remake of “Train To Busan”

Train To Busan (streaming now on Netflix) is the best Zombie film to come out this past decade. The South Korean horror film took the horror community by storm creating a ravenous fan base.

Now The Conjuring director, James Wan, wants to help produce an American remake.

Per Bloody Disgusting:

As reported by Deadline, James Wan will be producing the remake, with Gary Dauberman (IT, The Nun) writing the script!

The site details, “I’m hearing that five bidders are circling or have made bids, and that the rights package will sell this week for a seven-figure sum. New Line, Universal (which just stepped out), Paramount, Lionsgate and Screen Gems are all in the mix.”

In Train to Busan, an exceptional horror film that made a killing in South Korea:

“While a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan.”

At this time, a director is not yet attached. Check out the trailer for the original film below:

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