Now in development, the documentary “In Search of Darkness” will journey into the culture and soul of 80’s horror films and bring together 80’s icons, modern horror greats, and Social Media Influencers to create the most complete retrospective documentary of the genre ever made.

The 80’s produced some of the best and iconic horror characters since the classic Universal Monsters.


  • Learn about the era from the perspective of the masters who frightened us, the directors of today who were inspired by them, and the new generation of social media influencers who have fallen in love with the genre.

  • Hear from the actors, writers, directors, producers, and composers who brought horror icons such as Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and Pinhead to the screen as they discuss their work with the new breed of Horror cinema and some of their biggest fans.

  • Delve into the imagery: the garish VHS covers and posters that seduced us and came to define the ’80s aesthetic.

  • Journey back to the socio/political context that inspired our favorite movies – fears of nuclear war, violent crime, and deadly diseases.

  • Explore the rise of the B-Movie superstar: Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Combs, and Robert Englund; stars that could guarantee success for what was otherwise overlooked direct-to-VHS movies.

  • Investigate how the explosion of VHS enabled these icons of horror to take the leap from the movie screen into our homes and created new opportunities for low-budget filmmakers.

  • Examine the role practical in-camera effects, animatronics and prosthetics played in scaring us in a time before CGI.

  • Discuss the importance of the ’80s horror genre and its impact on society, including how its violent and explicit imagery opened-up new political, sociological, and cultural discussion.

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