Star Wars Producer Gary Kurtz Passes Away

Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz has passed away at the age of 78.

Kurtz was also a producer on films American Graffiti and The Dark Crystal. Kurtz came up with director George Lucas but the two parted ways after disputes on the set of Empire Strikes Back.

Later Kurtz would suggest Lucasfilm had become more motivated by the toy business than making quality films.

In a statement , his family said he died of cancer and would be “hugely missed”.

Kurtz’s family said he was “a magnificent man” whose “life’s work was to share the wonder of audio-visual storytelling through the art of film.”

“Gary was passionate about telling stories that shared the humanity of characters in entertaining ways for audiences around the world.”

In its own tribute, special effects company Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) said he was “a key collaborator of George Lucas and a supremely talented storyteller”.

LucasFilm, producer of the Star Wars films, remembered him as ” a man of immense talent and intelligence ” who “leaves behind a powerful legacy in film.”

Here are more tweets from Peter Mayhew, Mark Hamill, and Elstree Studios commenting on the passing of Kurtz:

Gary Kurtz will be missed…