Is Beyonce A Witch?!?

Former drummer of pop sensation, Beyonce, claims the singer is a practicing witch!

In a report from the BlastKimberly Thompson, a former drummer for Beyoncé, has filed a restraining order against the singer for “extreme witchcraft” and “magic spells of sexual molestation.”

Thompson further alleges that the singer practices dark magic to control her finances and even sacrificed a cat in a ritual!

Documents obtained by the source has found that Thompson has tried to file a restraining order against the singer. On Sept. 19, Los Angeles Superior Court denied Thompson of the temporary restraining order against Beyoncé.

According to Pitchfork, the denial of the restraining order has not deterred Thompson, who has another hearing on Oct. 11.

What do you think? Is Beyonce secretly a demon loving, spell-casting, witch? Let us know in the comments.