Suicide Squad Sequel Rumors!

Co-Writer Todd Stashwick just recently submitted his first draft of the sequel for Suicide Squad and already were getting plot leaks. According to sources, the movie is aiming for an R rating and will take the squad to a Middle East type area. It was originally believed that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and Kandaq would appear but have been cut from the movie. In its place, a new DC character and location will be used. My guess is we’ll see Bialiya and the country’s ruler, Queen Bee or the DC cult Cobra. It already sounds like this movie will be much more grounded than its predecessor.

Gavin Hood, director of the Accountant, is expected to helm the upcoming film. Margot Robbie and Will Smith will return with Jared Leto possibly making a come back.

Are you excited for another Suicide Squad film?