Apple is deleting movies you bought from them?!?

Where’s my movie?

Well Apple probably deleted it. Sorry. Oh, and no refund.Per Forbes:

Reports have started to emerge of Apple completely deleting films from iTunes accounts even when they’ve been bought, not merely rented. And when people complain about this, they’re receiving an astonishing message from Apple telling them that iTunes is just a ‘store front’, and so Apple isn’t to blame if a film studio decides it no longer wants to make its titles available on iTunes.

Even worse, it seems that if bought film titles are removed from your account you may not even be entitled to get a refund for them. When an iTunes user in Canada complained to Apple that their initial offer of a free $5.99 rental hardly seemed suitable recompense for him having three bought films summarily removed from his account, Apple replied that ‘our ability to offer refunds diminishes over time. Hence your purchases doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund.’

The bottom-line from this sad story, if you digitally buy something from Apple it doesn’t mean you own it. They can and will take it from you without you having any say. Like Netflix but meaner.

Yup…just like that.