Miles Morales is returning in his own comic book series!

Miles Morales will be swinging into your local comic book stores with an all news series by the end of 2018! The African-American Spider-Man will be setting up shop nicely in the pop culture zeitgeist going into the new year.

Miles has already been featured heavily in the recently released, critically acclaimed Marvel Spider-Man video game and to follow that up, the character has a movie on the way. Webbing his way into theaters this December, Miles will be the star of the animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Not a bad way to close 2018.

The new comic book series will be the first to not be written by creator Brian Michael Bendis. Bendis recently jumped ship to join DC Comics. This new series will deal with Miles having to contend with threats in his neighborhood rather than world ending events. Miles will of course also have to deal with school, family, and bullies. Typical Spidey stuff.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man will arrive Dec. 12, written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Javier Garron.