Affleck Steps Down As Batman, Jon Hamm In?

The Ben Affleck Batman discussion of will he/won’t he return is finally over. The New York Post is reporting that Affleck is hanging up the cape. His exit from the DC cinematic universe comes on the heels of actor Henry Cavill leaving the role of Superman.

In a recent interview on Graham Bensinger’s In Depth (via The Hollywood Reporter), Jon Hamm addressed the possibility of him portraying Batman in a live-action setting. As the Mad Men and Baby Driver star explained, he would be more than willing to take on the role, considering what the film’s story is.

“It depends on the script, what the story is,” Hamm revealed. “I am a huge comic book fan, always have been. I have read comic books since I was nine or younger. And I am pretty knowledgeable about a lot of them. And I like the genre, and I like when they are done well.”

No one from Warner Bros has officially approached Hamm at this point. Hamm is a fan favorite to take over the role however.

Per The New York Post:

Affleck’s departure from Batman is causing a stir on social media from fans of the Warner Bros. franchises, eager to know who will star in the forthcoming Batman movie from director Matt Reeves.

“The DC extended universe is an utter mess right now,” wrote one user on Twitter.

Studio insiders told The Hollywood Reporter that execs want to hit a “reset” button on their superhero films. At a recent investor conference, new WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey said, “Some of our franchises, in particular at DC, we all think we can do better.”

In August, Page Six reported Affleck was headed to rehab after an intervention by his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. We all wish Affleck a speedy recovery. As for Warner Bros, just make good movies, it’s really not that hard.