RUMOR: Michael B. Jordan to be the next Superman?!?

Take this with a huge grain of salt but Creed’s Michael B. Jordan is possibly in contention to be the next Superman. After Warner Bros unceremoniously decided to part ways with Cavill, they are possibly thinking about taking the character in a drastic new direction.

Per Deadline:

Warner Bros. may already have someone in mind for the role of Superman, reporting that the studio has mulled casting Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan. Perhaps not coincidentally, this news comes just a day after another report that Jordan and Warner Bros. are teaming up to launch a policy on studio diversity and inclusion (via the L.A. Times).

Clearly, Warner Bros. is looking to take things in a very different direction for the DCEU going forward. Cavill’s reported departure as Superman represents just a part of that major shake-up. For now, the studio is reportedly focused on making a Supergirl movie and has put Superman on the back burner. So even if Michael B. Jordan does score the role of Superman, it would be years before his take on the character made it to the screen. In the meantime, Warner Bros. has Aquaman coming up, as well as Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 in the pipeline.

This stinks of Superman Lives. A Tim Burton film that was so outrageous it had Superman, not in costume, going to therapy, not from Krypton, and for some reason fighting a giant spider.

If this idea does happen, Jordan would be the first African-American to portray Superman. I honestly think the idea is a severe act of desperation on Warner Bros part. Warner Bros rushed to catch up to Marvel/Disney and failed miserably. Now they want to dramatically change their flagship character? It just goes to show once again, Warner Bros has no f&$king clue what to do with their DC properties.