Jordan Peele is bringing back Candy Man?!?

Get Out director Jordan Peele might be bringing back a mid 90’s horror icon, Candy Man. Made famous by Tony Todd, the urban legend revolves around the son of a slave whose hand was severed and then covered in bees. If someone looked in the mirror and chanted “Candy Man” five times he would appear. The film spawned two sequels.

Peele is currently in talks to produce and maybe even direct through his company, Monkeypaw Productions. Peele won an Oscar earlier this year for his Get Out screenplay and was also nominated for “Best Director”. He’s currently filming Us, another social thriller, while his Monkeypaw Productions is behind a remake of “The Twilight Zone”, “The Hunt” and “Lovecraft Country”.

What do you think? Are you excited for a Candy Man reboot? Let us know in the comments!