Pop-Rock band Paramore retires a classic song of their’s due to controversial lyrics

Per Alt949:

At their Friday (September 7) Nashville show, frontwoman Hayley Williams revealed that this would be their last performance of 2007 hit “Misery Business” for a long time.

While still well-loved and considered a classic by longtime listeners, the lyrical content hasn’t aged well. “This is to every bad decision that led us here. This is to all the embarrassing things we might have said. But we owned up to it, and we grew,” Williams noted before diving into an energetic performance of Miz Biz.

Watch the final performance (for now) above.

Written when Williams was just 17, the lyric “Once a whore, you’re nothing more/I’m sorry that’ll never change” has received criticism for its problematic nature. Years of discussion about the song’s place in their catalog have to lead up to this decision… but we’re still low key crying about it. Misery Business has always been a gold standard of the pop-rock band and a crowd favorite, not anymore it appears.

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