Robin Wright to return in Wonder Woman 1984

Robin Wright was one of the stand out Amazons in the Patty Jenkins/Gal Gadot Wonder Woman film. Rumor has it, Wright will return in the upcoming sequel, Wonder Woman 1984.

Per Movieweb:

Robin Wright will reportedly reprise her role as Antiope in Wonder Woman 1984 in a flashback scene with Connie Nielson, who plays Queen Hippolyta. News around the project has been relatively quiet for the past few weeks, with fans still trying to figure out who Pedro Pascal is playing or what Steve Trevor is doing back. As for Wright, she recently wrapped up filming on the final episodes of Netflix’s House of Cards, which saw her take the lead after Kevin Spacey was fired from the hit show.

Antiope and Queen Hippolyta are two of the most important figures in Diana’s life, so it makes sense that a flashback will take place. But the details surrounding that flashback are unclear at this time. Wonder Woman 1984 filmed in the Washington D.C. area for most of the summer and has now reportedly started filming in England. If the article on Robin Wright is accurate, it seems that the Canary Islands scenes will be shot in the next few months. A return to Themyscira will certainly be welcome in the upcoming sequel.